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Meet Your Coach

Melissa was introduced to the Keto Lifestyle by a longtime friend in January 2020. 


After a decade of struggling with unwanted weight gain due to hypothyroidism and trying diet after diet with little to no success, Melissa was willing to give Keto a try. 


With the ongoing help of her friend, Melissa and her husband successfully adopted a healthy Ketogenic Lifestyle and immediately began seeing a difference in the way they felt and looked. Within eight months, the couple lost a total of 100 pounds! 


Unexpected benefits like no joint pain and a younger appearance were a bonus.

As a wife and mother of six children (their blended family is ten), Melissa is excited to share the Keto lifestyle with all those she loves, encouraging a healthy, healing lifestyle for all. This enthusiasm has grown and Melissa continues to educate herself and share her knowledge with those who want to learn more about the Keto Lifestyle. Melissa offers her clients one-on-one coaching, accountability, and the tools necessary to understand how to properly navigate a healthy keto lifestyle.

Melissa is a Certified Ketogenic and Carnivore Health Coach (Keto-Adapted Program under the best-selling author Maria Emmerich). Contact Keto Coach Melissa today to begin your journey to better health!

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